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Halving Waste to Landfill



Working in conjunction with WRAP we have recently signed up for their campaign :

‘ We commit to playing our part in halving the amount of construction, demolition and excavation waste to landfill. We will work to adopt and implement standards for good practice in reducing waste, recycling more, and increasing the use of recycled and recovered materials.


Vehicle Usage






Where possible we encourage our teams to vehicle share to sites, sometimes this is not practical due to material and equipment loads required by gangs. All of our vehicles are fitted with a tracking system which helps us to monitor fuel vs mileage consumption



Office Recycling






All paper, cardboard, ink cartridges and now plastic bottle tops from the office milk are all recycled.  As part of our EM System we are reviewing some of the energy and storage requirements within the offices and yard.


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The Environment



'Quality  Workmanship  by  a  Qualified   Workforce'


10:10 is a national campaign about aiming to produce 10% less carbon in one year than we did the year before.


The 10% reduction is measured across 4 key areas

Grid electricity: This includes all electricity sourced from the national grid.

On-site fossil fuel use: ie gas and oil

Vehicle fuel use: of Company Vehicles

Air travel:  This does not apply to our business.


See our 10:10 blog for the website



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Environmental Management System

The company continues to follow elements of the ISO: 14001 standards by monitoring waste, energy and fuel consumptions, along with ensuring direct and sub contract teams are conversant in our Environmental commitments. With the ever increasing landfill charges and loss of Viridor at Kingsteignton for general landfill, it is no more important than ever for all parties involved that we seperate and recycle our waste where possible. To keep costs down on projects, clients should think about reuse of items, or selling them on.

Local Team, Local Suppliers

Supporting Devon


All of our team are local to the South Devon area, and our regular sub contractors are based in Teignmouth and the surrounding areas, we like to ensure we give local jobs to local people. As with materials, we use those suppliers in the vicinity of our base in Teignmouth or those sites that we are working on, unless our client has specified a particular material or sub contractor that cannot be sourced locally, we will always put forward our own suggestions if we have someone more local to carry out the job

Green Accord

Exeter City Council

Schooling Building Contractors joined the scheme when it first launched in January 2009. This involves a Self Assessment on your Environmental credentials which is then checked and reviewed by a panel at Exeter City Council. Now on our third review which will see us accredited until 2018.


Environment & Sustainability Policy

As a small business we can contribute and implement changes to ensure a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, whether we are developing sites or refurbishing existing buildings, we are therefore committed to the rethinking of operations in the following areas:

Energy – reducing energy consumption, use of renewable energy and alternative technology

Materials – Ensure good choices are made at design, manufacture, construction and maintenance stages so that materials can be reused and recycled to reduce resource requirements.

Waste- To produce less waste and recycle more.

Pollution – Produce less toxicity, water, noise and widespread pollution.

(Extracted from our Policy)

Landfill Charges 

Alternatives to Landfill?????






Landfill space is running out. Viridor at Kingsteignton closed its General Landfill tipping facility in 2016, this now means our general waste is taken to Exeter. Where possible we will seperate our waste for recycling, this can be a cheaper option, but sometimes not always viable. When undertaking a construction project, think about waste costs, and if there is an alternative, as these can be some of the biggest costs, especially on refurbishment projects where you are removing an assortment of items. 

Community Support

Donating Materials



We are always keen to work with local projects needing material donations.In the past we have supplied TRAIL sculpture group, local schools and the Teignmouth Players. We also work with Local Authorities and community projects and schemes they are running. If we may be able to help your local group, please get in touch.